Marc Hamilton (Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar)
Marc started his gigging career at the ripe old age of 7, playing drums at the local bars with his old man. Since that time he matured into an exquisite song writer and musician. Marc has two passions in his life, music and ...... cracking some of the saddest Grandad jokes around.

Tobias Kelleher (Guitar)
Toby began playing in Skid Row in the early 90's with his straggly blonde hair and leather jacket. He was a funny young chap, having an incredible passion for the gee-tar that expressed itself through many gigs. Since joining Mozelee, at the pleadings of the rest of the band he has had to leave his Skid Row days behind and move into the genres of the new millenium.

Dave Kelly (Bass)
Dave is the married one. Dave was taken off the market at the tender age of 22 by a lovely blonde haired lassy called Lisa. He has been playing bass for many years and has a huge soft spot for a big fat groove and a punchy bass line. Dave always has a huge amount of things on the go and is kept alive by intravenous dosages of caffeine.